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As humans, we often don't care about how much someone knows, until we know how much he or she cares! Well at Flanary & Associates Ltd., we bring our clients both of these each day! Our intelligent, well-educated and experienced staff knows exactly what needs to be done – and apply this knowledge in the caring, attentive style that makes us easy to do business with!


We know that running a business is hard – no doubt about it! With economic swings and changing legal requirements – it is a wonder you can keep track of it all. At Flanary & Associates Ltd., we pride ourselves on being that business partner you can count on – with the experience, knowledge and stability you need to take care of business (so to speak) – year after year. We've been here for almost 30 years – and we work hard to know your business almost as well as you do!


We will always make it right! We know that there are a lot of claims out there that promise good service but deliver something less. At Flanary & Associates Ltd., we not only say these words but also mean them – and have empowered our staff to make it right for our clients every time. That means being available, accessible and ready to serve. Because you've entrusted your business to us – and we want to reaffirm that trust each day.


We know that each business – and each individual client for that matter – has a distinctive style and set of needs that is uniquely his or her own. So each day – we work hard to be as efficient as possible with routine tasks – and as effective as possible in providing services that meet individual needs & expectations. No two entities are ever exactly alike – and we believe that good service means personalized service – where each of our client's unique needs is anticipated and met!


At Flanary & Associates Ltd. – while we take helping our clients run their business very seriously – we don't think that managing finances has to be drudgery! So you can count on us to provide high quality services in a fun and friendly environment. Our staff is upbeat, friendly, and genuinely nice to be around! Yep – we all truly love what we do each day. Because running a business can be very hard work – we work hard to make sure each of our client's days are a little easier and more enjoyable!


We all have certain people in our lives that we just know we can count on to be there for us. Good times or bad – they are the ones that are always around when we need them. At Flanary & Associates Ltd., we believe that "being there" is one of the most important things we do – and we work hard to consistently deliver reliable and timely results to you. Especially in these chaotic times – we know it is critical that you have a business partner you can rely on.